CVCS Presentations

CVCS Presentations

Ecosystem Losses Presentation

A Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory of the Comox Valley revealed significant losses of sensitive ecosystems between 1991 and 2002. About 42% (4700 hectares) of intact sensitive ecosystems in the Comox Valley were either lost, fragmented or reduced in this time period. 97% (7300 hectares) of highly valuable ecosystems, including second growth forest and seasonally flooded agricultural fields, were fragmented or reduced in this same time period.

Connecting Communities Naturally

The Conservation Strategy has a regional plan to balance the needs of growth and development with conservation concerns. We believe that with wise land use practiced by local government, businesses and residents alike; that we can sustain our high quality of life now and for future generations.

Biodiversity Basics Presentation

Ever wondered just what is biodiversity? And why is it important or how it impacts aspects of everyday life? Find out more here: