What is the Community Partnership?

The Comox Valley Conservation Strategy Community Partnership (CVCS-CP) is made up of Partner Organizations that have joined the Conservation Strategy. A representative from each Partner Organization sits on either the Steering Committee or on one of its Implementation Teams, which oversee the promotion and implementation of the CVCS. The CVCS Community Partnership has been formed to engage local governments, community based groups and other stakeholders to undertake conservation projects, education and activities. The Steering Committee and its Implementation Teams seek the advice of the Community Partnership’s members, knowledgeable individuals from the community, and environmental professionals. The work of the Community Partnership is supported by a Project Manager. Continue reading

What is the Community Partnership?

 Comox Valley Conservation Strategy Stewardship Group Meeting - Group Photo November 28 2009

The CVCS – Community Partnership was formed in 2008, as a program of The Comox Valley Land Trust, after concern was raised that there was no regional ecosystem plan or tools available to prioritize and protect sensitive ecosystems on private land.

At that time, seven local organizations came together to carry out the work of promoting and implementing a regional Conservation Strategy.  They based their efforts on environmental research and information contained in the report Nature Without Borders: the Comox Valley Land Trust Regional Conservation Strategy“.

The Community Partnership has continued to steadily build support and has grown to include over 20  stewardship, environmental, and citizen groups  – who support and promote “Nature Without Borders 2nd Edition“.

All of our work is guided by a Steering Committee, made up of representatives from Partner Organizations, who make decisions by consensus.

Membership is open to organizations which are able to endorse the CVCS formally; they can join as either a Partner or Supporter.  Partner organizations actively participate by designating a representative to sit on the Steering Committee while Supporter organizations support the decisions made by the Steering Committee.

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Community Partnership Member Organizations:

Our Staff:

Program Manager – David Stapley


David Stapley

The Project Manager facilitates and coordinates the CVCS committees, contract staff and program activities.

One of the primary responsibilities is maintaining good working relationships with all stakeholders.  Engagement with over 20 CVCS Community Partnership member groups, as well as local governments, industry, funders and the media; this role is crucial for ensuring the CVCS is able to be an effective conservation organization.

David manages staff time, creates clear and attainable project objectives, and manages the constraints of projects based on the operating budget.


Education and Outreach Coordinator – Sandra Borton

DSCN0633 - Copy

The Education and Outreach Coordinator shares resources and information about regional approaches to conservation, watershed health, sensitive ecosystem protection, and community sustainability with residents of the Comox Valley.

Sandra is an engaging and entertaining speaker, and is available for presentations to the public, organizations, groups or schools. She also has information displays and maps, and can create interactive stations to entice participation.  If you would like Sandra to share at your next event, please contact Sandra.

Sandra also curates our social media program, so feel free to strike up a conversation on Facebook (CV Land Trust & Conservation Strategy) or Twitter (@CVConservation)!