The Comox Valley Conservation Strategy

The CVCS is a regional conservation planning framework, initiated to stop the loss of valuable ecological areas in the Comox Valley by promoting the conservation and restoration of land and water ecosystems. The Strategy is based on scientific information from the report Nature Without Borders. It aims to identify, maintain, protect and restore our natural areas which are treasured by Comox Valley residents and visitors alike. By linking clean water, wildlife habitat, biodiversity and public trail; we can sustain a high quality of life for future generations. Continue reading

The Comox Valley Conservation Strategy

The CVCS was developed by the Comox Valley Land Trust, based on environmental research and information from the report: Nature Without Borders: the Comox Valley Land Trust Regional Conservation Strategy.

The report was undertaken over a 3-year period and released in 2007. The CVCS Community Partnership was created to carry out the work of promoting and implementing the Conservation Strategy and further development of the Nature Without Borders report.



View the document and maps that our Strategy is based on: Nature Without Borders 2nd Edition





Scroll through this presentation to see how the Conservation Strategy is Connecting Communities Naturally: